1 Aug

by arnie

God Bless A-Merica.

God Bless A-Merica.

Let’s be honest for one second. There isn’t much to blog about. Between baseball, the occasional funny news story, and Shooter and Colt’s football previews there’s really not much for me to do. So what does a pseudo-successful, unemployed blogger do when he gets bored masturbate get pissed off for no reason. So boom, why do people say ‘Murica? 

First off it’s A-Merica. There is an “A” people if you don’t say it then you are most likely a teenage girl who thinks they’re “patriotic” because they can wear cut off jeans and drink Smirnoff because Mommy and Daddy make bank, or you’re just an asshole. I swear if the next Fourth of July rolls around and I see any tweets with #Murica on it, I’m going to lose my fricken mind. Where did that fad even start? My money would be on that Al-Qaeda called us that when they were getting their asses kicked by our armed forces over in Whogivesafuck-stan, and then somehow some idiot teenage chick picked up on it and it spread. It’s pathetic, just call the country the name it was given and then I’ll be okay. I even probably overuse “America” too. I say it pretty much whenever something mildly good happens (for example I drop a lot of “America’s” when I can pull off the elusive under-five-minute-shit)  but at least I pronounce it correctly. There’s no way I can be the only one who finds this annoying and thinks that people who do this should be exiled, right?

P.S. Real writers block right now, need some ideas


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